Saturday, December 20, 2008

Scrappy Store!!

Well, we got our Protege last night from the shipping company, YEAH!!
That meant that I could have some "mommy time" without freezing my tootsies off!!
Well I ran to one of the local scrapbook stores to check it out. It looks nice, they had tons of daisy bucket (the headquarters are near here) and they had some BG, FP, MME, Zutter, and many others. They have a cropping area. One thing I liked is they have an area where you can buy single flowers, buttons, brads, etc for 5-20 cents a piece. The owner seemed really nice, I think her name was Kathy. Thye have Friday night crops and classes. The selection isn't huge but it seems like she has up to date things and plans on going to CHA in January.

One neat thing is she does a yearly retreat, not sure how big it is, but it is in will keep looking for a retreat for June if I can get Shel up here!!

They have a Yahoo group where she give out special discounts, like right now they are doing a 12 days of Christmas and are doing %off certain products and such.......

I will definitely have to check back when I have money to play.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Oh baby!!

We'll be there if we can :)

And if not, we can get to the Fri crop at least once :)