Thursday, May 7, 2009

More FREEBIES!!! is up and running!! WOO HOO!!

You definitely need to go check it out, there are some great kits from soem new designers, including me.

Onto today's freebie.......well, first here is the whole kit....Sweet Memories. It is on sale at for only $1 during our grand opening!! After that it is only $3, still a bargain for a whole kit with an alpha!! Hope you enjoy.

Now for the freebie. Here is what you can have for free, just a sample........but for only $1 you can have the whole kit!!! Enjoy the freebie and tell all of your digi friends to check out my blog and store!!!

Remember........ Wacky Scrap Designs, that is me!!


Michelle said...

And it's such a beautiful GORGEOUS kit too!!!

wendy said...

That's awesome for you guys!! Best of luck :) Great work on your kits!!